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We have innovative and technological products that provide solutions to farmers, so we help improve the performance and quality of meat and egg production.

Control of intestinal health
Control of intestinal gram+ bacterias
1,25dihidroxyvitamina D3 of natural origin
1,25dihidroxyvitamina D3 of natural origin, easier dosification in feed
Control of oxidative stress and hepatoprotector
Red mite prevention and control
Prevention and control of respiratory problems
Source of calcium
Sodium butyrate with essential oils
Sodium butyrate
Inactivated brewer’s yeast
Inactivated brewer’s yeast and malt sprouts
Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS)
Spray dried hemoglobin powder of avian origin
Spray dried plasma powder of avian origin
Prevention and control of feather pecking
Prevención y control de problemas respiratorios
Levadura de cerveza inactivada con bagazo de cerveza
Prevención y control de problemas respiratorios