Available worldwide and Spain

Optimise feed, reduce production costs

 Available worldwide and Spain

Optimise feed, reduce production costs



Bittmax is a powdered complementary feed with a high concentration of citrus extracts from the polyphenol family, plant extracts and other natural ingredients. It is designed to improve nutrient utilisation and reduce feed conversion rate with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects by influencing the microbiota and improving intestinal barrier function.

When to use?

For use in strategies to reduce feed conversion rate and improve growth, in growing and fattening stages.

For use in conditions of stress or digestive pathologies.

To complement phases in which the animal may be under a situation of change or stress.

Advantages and benefits


Unique technological process resulting in a homogeneous matrix thanks to its agglomerated nano-coated particles.


Nanoparticles are not altered by fragmentation or grinding.


Product based on plant-derived ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy.


Keeps the piglet in optimal condition to respond more effectively to post-weaning challenges.