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Our history begins more than 45 years ago, in 1974, and since then we have dedicated ourselves to providing global solutions for animal health and welfare, with nutritional products, special raw materials, ingredients and additives for animal nutrition.


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Taking control of Streptococcus suis   S.suis is the causal agent of big losses in pig production, becasuse in addition to being a zoonotic agent (the most important bacterial cause of meningitis in pigs) it is very difficult to control due to its great variety of serotypes. The development of an infection then depends on…

FORZA+: SOLUBLE PLASMA SOLUBLE FOR PIGLETS   Forza+ is a product developed for newly weaned piglets. It is formulated with a porcine plasma base and natural water soluble antioxidants that contribute to improve the productivity and wellness of animals. Although it is especially indicated for smaller animals or tails, it can be administered to all…

AVIAN PLASMA: THE SUCCESSFUL ALTERNATIVE TO PORCINE PLASMA   The main effects of the contribution of spray dried animal plasma (SDP – Spray Dried Plasma) are the stimulation of intake and the reduction of post-weaning growth loss, together with an improvement in digestive health and performance. These effects are more notorius in young piglets or…


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