Our history begins more than 45 years ago, in 1974, and since then we have been committed to providing global solutions for animal health and welfare. These include nutritional products, special feed materials, ingredients and additives for animal nutrition, premixes and pharmacological specialties aimed at feed mills, premixes and concentrates for producers, integrators, cooperatives, distributors and all those agents involved with animal production.

For years, these products have been part of what we offer and Andersen has always been an innovative actor in the animal production sector. However, our holistic wellness philosophy leads us to reposition and specialize in nutrition, focusing on these to achieve improvements in favour of animal welfare and our business partners.

This repositioning consists of our total commitment to animal welfare and nutrition, always seeking healthy and constant growth, optimal and quality nutrition through the use of natural ingredients, which allows for the sustainable development of our products in the prevention of diseases and healthy growth of animals, which in turn guarantees a maximum economic return for our clients.

We are committed to providing high-value nutritional solutions with innovative and high-tech products, as well as improving animal production yield and performance. We also seek to provide our support and experience gained from more than 45 years in the industry.


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    Distribution of Dumex Pharma & vet raw materials

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    The beginning

    Early 80´s

    Collaboration with Toyo Jozo Co. Ltd. Japan

    Late 80´s

    launch of first nutritional products

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    Joint Venture

    Asahi Vet – Asahi Chemicals


    manufacturing plant in Rubí

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    Veterinary products


    Nutricional products

    New brands & distribution agreements

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    100% de Asahi Vet

    New name


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    Production and worldwide commercialization

    2008: Toyocerin
    2009: Ketoxyme

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    New vet drug


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    Nutritional products launching:

    Laxosow y Forza+

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    Joint Venture

    Dopharma Iberia and Bothmen Pharma &


Quality and Safety policy

It is the commitment of Andersen Feed & Farm, S.L. provide nutritional products in accordance with the expectations of its customers, ensuring the highest degree of quality in its products and the best service to its customers.

Andersen Feed & Farm sets as a priority guaranteeing the quality, innocuousness and feed safety of the nutritional products it distributes, providing proven quality products from certified suppliers. To this end, Andersen Feed & Farm guarantees compliance with the relevant GMP+ documents for the marketing and storage of products for animal feed, the applicable legislation on feed (compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) 183/2005 of the European Parliament by which sets feed hygiene requirements) and customer requirements.

Management ensures that the necessary resources to guarantee the quality of products and services are available. Likewise, it guarantees the correct training, competence and motivation of the personnel in relation to feed safety, as well as the internal and external communication of the company.

The company will set annual quality goals, which will be described in the system review, and will be checked annually, thus contributing to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
All the organization’s staff participate in this commitment, which is transferred to all levels of product distribution.




Good manufacturing and storage practices are essential for products to meet the necessary quality standards and be used safely.  That´s why, Andersen is GMP + certified, which guarantees that our operational practices are safe, responsible and controlled in accordance with European quality regulations.

Andersen International

We are present in more than 70 countries worldwide

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Our team is formed by professionals specialized in each area, committed to animal health and welfare, and oriented to provide fast and effective solutions to our customers, who accompany us from the launch to the commercialization of our products. We also have a continuous training plan, and a good work environment based on continuous collaboration and respect for others.


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Equality and Diversity

More than half of our team is made up of women, and we have collaborators of different nationalities.

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Work environment

A pleasant environment is always more productive, for them we have flexible hours for the entire workforce of the company and / or reduction of the workday that in no case supposes a brake on the professional development of any member of our team.

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Social Environment

We are collaborators with ASAV Rubí (an entity that has become a Delegation in the city of the Incorporated program of the social work of la Caixa) in the collection of caps for the purchase of food for children, as well as, together with the employees of the company, in donations of food and clothing collection.

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All the paper used in the company’s facilities is recycled in collaboration with a specialized company and a clear policy of reusing all types of paper. In addition, we have a collection point for batteries and printer toner.