Prevention and control
of feather pecking

Prevention and control of feather pecking

Peckstone is a block made from mineral salts that minimizes the risk of feather pecking or cannibalism, both with serious consequences, meeting the natural needs in terms of bird behaviour and improving animal welfare.

Available in MEDIUM, HARD and EXTRA-HARD packaging, in blocks of 8 or 10 kg, depending on the type, in plastic container.

*Product marketed only in Iberia

When to use?

It is recommended from early stages, before the chicks start expressing the pecking behaviour and during their entire life cycle

Advantages and benefits


It reduces the risk of pecking because it satisfies the natural behaviour, ensuring their activity and mobility.


Reduces fear and stress from day one, improving well-being.


It allows for the natural wear of the beak, thus preventing it from being cut.


Suitable for organic or ecological production.