Control of intestinal health

Control of intestinal health

pro-X is a phytogenic product based on natural ingredients and active substances of plant origin that participate in the maintenance of intestinal integrity and inflammation.

pro-X exerts a synergistic action by favoring the feed intake and optimizing the development of the gut, improving the animal´s response   to the different aggressive agents that can destabilize the intestinal function.

When to use?

As prevention in stressful situations and in critical periods of the production cycle.

In antibiotic-free production strategies or reduction of their use.

When the animal is under the influence of stressors such as vaccinations, feed changes, intestinal pathogens, high temperatures, etc.

In strategies to improve animal welfare.

Advantages and Benefits


Easy dosage and application at the feed mills.


Product based on ingredients of plant origin with scientifically proven efficacy.


It promotes the performance of the animals acting on the conversion rate.


No withdrawal period and no need for a veterinary prescription.