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OYTA shells

  • Target species

  • Presentation

    10 kg and 25kg bag, big bag and bulk


  • Description

    Shells are feed material obtained from the sea, 100% natural origin. It is an excellent source of calcium for poultry and its inclusion is especially indicated in diets for laying hens due to its adequate dissolution rate in the gastrointestinal tract, which ensures a gradual uptake of calcium. In this way, a gradual increase in plasma calcium level is achieved when the hen needs it most.


    There are 3 sizes of the product:

    OYTA 0: 1-2.5 mm

    OYTA 1: 2-5 mm

    OYTA 2: 4-7 mm


  • When use Conchilla de ostrast?

    • Is recommended for prevention of decalcification and mineral deficiencies in poultry


  • Benefits

    • Supply of calcium with optimal release and easily assimilated
    • Better shell quality and decreased egg breakage
    • Improves appetite in birds and facilitates digestion.
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